Sunday, February 14, 2016


Or, in French, une flaque d'eau. It may be hard to see, but this is a building reflected in a puddle of water on a cobbled street. The street is in Normandy, but you probably can't tell that from looking at the picture. It's another photo from back in 2006, in case you're wondering.

Look! Blue sky in Normandy!

The storm we had on Saturday was nowhere near as bad as predicted. Granted, we were predicted to be on the edge of what was supposed to be a high-wind event. The edge stayed away to our west. We had gusty winds, but not anything too scary. Thank goodness!


  1. I'm still quite glad I didn't go to Ste Maure!

  2. An incredible photo! Our summer-like weather is taking a turn today. "Cyclonic" winds and temps are supposed to drop from 20s to below 5C!!!

  3. Definitly award winning picture.

  4. A wonderful image Walt! And yes, blue sky in Normandy!

  5. In the little thumbnail preview, the photo looks like a painting of a man in profile wearing a blue suit and a brown hat. It is a fantastic shot. We are a cool 62F (16.5C) with steady drizzle and no wind here in southern Belize. We are happy to have the rain because dry season is rapidly approaching.

  6. susan, it probably wouldn't have been a pleasant ride.

    mitch, oh, saints preserve us!

    jon, I worry about which award...

    christine, thanks!

    wilma, I can see that! :)

  7. It reminds me of a forgotten story from my youth of a young boy entering a puddle into another world.


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