Monday, February 22, 2016

Callie's birthday

Today is Callie's ninth birthday. So, in dog years, she's older than me now. I'm amazed that it's been nine years already. Wasn't she just a puppy? Just two days ago someone we met on our walk asked how old she was. He was surprised to hear me say nine. She doesn't look it, he said.

Callie lounging on the living room carpet. I wish I had thought to turn her tag around so her name showed.

Her hair is a little long now and it's a mess from walking out in the rain and mud. She gets showered down and towel-dried every day to remove the sand and mud from her legs and belly, but I'm not good at keeping her fur untangled. We have an appointment at the groomers on March 1. It can't come soon enough for me. She'll get a good shampoo all over and the long hair on her legs and feet will be trimmed down. I'm looking forward to drier days.

At one point, she noticed the birds feeding out on the deck.

I don't have anything special planned for her birthday. Maybe I'll make her a scrambled egg; she likes those. She'll be happy with her two daily walks, treats, and snoozes.


  1. Happy birthday to Callie! Scrambled egg......Lulu likes hers with a little grated cheese in......

  2. Happy Birthday, Callie...
    nine years young!!
    I've never given eggs to dogs...
    I wouldn't....
    eggs is for humans!!

    Mind you, I couldn't even have done so with my BC...
    he developed fits and had to be on a low protien diet...
    so even meat was out as a treat!!

  3. I'm amazed it's 9 years too!

  4. She is such a beauty. I can't believe I was introduced to her via these pages when she was only 4!

  5. Happy happy birthday, Callie!

  6. Haapy birthday my dog is six

  7. Callie says to tell you all "woof!" She enjoyed her scrambled egg and birthday treats along with all the birthday greetings!

  8. I normally don't comment after I sense the 'comment section is closed' but I wanted to add to the pooch's birthday greetings!

  9. Hopefully, still not too late to post a belated happy ninth birthday to Callie the collie..
    She is such a beautiful's really nice following this blog especially on Callie's post.

    Nice to read your daily routine in that part of the world.


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