Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sunrise in February

It's nice to be able to feel the days lengthening. We gain a few minutes of daylight every day now. And our temperatures seem to be more normal now with morning frosts and chilly days. I've been burning a lot in the wood stove these past few days. This morning they're telling us to expect snow showers, changing over to rain as the day goes on. Then we'll warm up again over the weekend.

Although this shot was taken in February 2010, the scene looks pretty much the same right now.

I stopped into the grooming salon yesterday while I was out and about to make an appointment for Callie. The groomer is busy! The first available appointment is March 1. Normally I get an appointment within a few days. She (the groomer) also told me that she's moving her shop from the center of our little town out to a new place that she's having built out on the outskirts. She will then have the space to board dogs and cats in addition to the grooming service. I think it's great that she's doing well, but I'm also sorry that our little village center will be losing another business. I wonder if something else will move into her shop?


  1. Lovely photo.
    There's something so tantalising about a thin February sun. Almost spring but not quite. A hint of warmth one day followed by snow and greyness the next. Still, less than two weeks of February left and as you say, the days are getting noticeably longer.

  2. That is a great photo :) I hope you took one of the snow.
    Gee, I'm sorry to hear about another business leaving the town, too -- keep us posted if something moves in, I'll be curious to know.

  3. Wow lovely sunrise ... we don't have any snow here

  4. Thank goodness for the lengthenin days because February can be pretty dreary with rain and cold if there aren't nice clear and sunny days every now and then! We've been blessed with that on and off again circuit here for a while. Rain is good and that's one of the best things for our plants! I loved it when your grape worder made that cheerful comment to you yesterday! Even when it was so cold!

    Mary in Oregon

  5. jean, I'm looking forward to spring now!

    judy, you'll be the first, or the twenty-third, to know. ;)

    gosia, is that normal for where you live?

    mary, February has typically been our coldest and snowiest month. I can recall a lot of Februarys with snow and/or very cold days. I'm sure my research, if I bothered to do any, would bear me out on this. :)


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