Friday, February 19, 2016

Snow's over

Thursday was a beautiful day, at least during the morning hours. Snow had started to fall before it got light outside and was sticking to the ground in the colder spots. Patches of ground stayed bare, especially under the trees. The snow continued, unexpectedly, all through the morning before changing over to rain in the early afternoon. Then it changed back to snow for a little while, but by then most of our 1-2 centimeter accumulation had melted away.

Taken around 10h00. A thin layer of snow covers cold spots and branches, but the driveway under the tree stayed clear.

I took a few photos from the deck and out the windows. I didn't want to get the camera wet by taking it all the way outside. It was just barely freezing and the snow was wet and heavy. It's mostly all gone now, but the snow was pretty while it lasted. We're expecting a warm-up this weekend.


  1. Yesterday was a horrid winter's day. We had another snow shower in the early afternoon, a white-out in fact. It didn't last. That's the main difference between winters here and in Derbyshire. There we would have snow up to our knees by now.

  2. Isn't the lack of snow of some concern in Europe? Not that you might want heavy snow, but the lack of it is indicative of a problem. Nothing to do with global warming though of course.

  3. Pretty! It's nice that it didn't interfere with much, but you got to see the nice, white cover for a bit :)

  4. Here we had wonderful rain. Although we were out and about running errands, it only rained when we were inside. A Camelot experience.

  5. lovely snow but I prefer spring


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