Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dry my eye

It hasn't rained in almost forty-eight hours. But this dry weather doesn't mean we've dried out. There are still puddles all around. In low spots the ground still squishes under foot. And the morning dew is heavy and keeps the grass wet until mid-day.

Dew drips from the vineyard guide wires as the sun rises.

But we will take advantage of these sunny days nonetheless. I've already done some more mowing and will finish up today. Ken wants to get some more tilling done in the vegetable garden plot. Then there's that deck to clean, maybe tomorrow. We will feel good if we get all that done before the next rain system comes in. It's predicted for Thursday or Friday.


  1. We've been able to relax out on our deck several times already -- so great to sit out there on a Saturday morning, with coffee :) Before long, it will be so hot and muggy (and mosquito-y at night), that we won't enjoy it, so I appreciate the spring.

  2. Dry weather 24 hours here...i got quite giddy with it all

  3. judy, we're lucky: rarely hot and muggy, and our mosquitoes are wimps.

    john, ain't it grand? :)


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