Friday, April 29, 2016

Maple leaves

The two maple trees in our front yard have been flowering all week. The pollen they drop is amazing, covering the cars and the deck in a layer of yellow powder. Fortunately, neither of us seems to be suffering any allergic reaction to it. Now the flowers (such as they are) are fading and the trees' red leaves are getting larger.

One of our two red maple trees seen from the deck. That's our neighbors' house across the street in the background.

I got the grass cut again yesterday. It really grows fast this time of year because of how much rain we get. If the summer is normal, the growth will slow down in June.


  1. I hope you have a nice trip to the US, Walt.

  2. achoo, honk honk, achoo, cough cough, achoo. all I have been doing this week due to tree pollen.

  3. ellen, thanks!

    anne marie, oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope it ends soon!

    judy, merci !


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