Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rainbow web

When spider webs are wet with dew, they look silvery-white in the morning light. But when the sun is shining through them at the right angle, the light is refracted and the color spectrum becomes visible, turning the web into a rainbow.


It's semi-finals day in Monte Carlo. Since both Djokovic and Federer lost earlier in the week (they both seemed to be having trouble adjusting to the clay surface), Sunday's final will be very interesting, indeed. There will be one Frenchman in the final, as Tsonga and Monfils play each other in today's second semi-final. But first, Nadal (a master of clay) and Murray will fight it out for the other spot early this afternoon. Should be a good tennis day!


  1. Brilliant photo. I've always found the art of spider webs enchanting, but I've never seen one refracting a rainbow.

  2. Spider-Man is gay. I KNEW it!

  3. That is a marvelous photo, to be sure.

  4. susan, thanks!

    gosia, nature is amazing!

    mitch, I don't think I had, either.

    christine, mitchell is your official spokesmodel.

    sean, and I KNEW that you knew it. ;)

    michael, merci!

  5. Whoa! Like strung LEDs. Only better.


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