Monday, April 18, 2016

Dramatic skies

The weather systems of the past couple of weeks have brought a good amount of rain, but have also given us some beautiful skyscapes. This is a shot of the vineyard parcel at the end of the dirt road where Callie and I usually turn around to head back home during our morning walks. The view is roughly northeast, looking toward the river.

The vines are pruned and are beginning to grow leaves. Soon everything will be green again.

The weather people tell us to expect a few very nice days, dry, with sunshine. I'll take it. I'm already planning my days to get the grass cut and a few other outdoor chores done. It's time to power-wash the deck and get the outdoor furniture out there for the summer. Yippee!


  1. A beautiful scene indeed. I made the rounds a bit yesterday to get some snaps myself. Today looks nice again, while tomorrow I think will be the first day of real spring. Enjoy... but pace yourself.

  2. The sky looks as pretty as a picture...well it is. Never mind, a very nice photo.

  3. Ah! You and Ken treat us to such beautiful photos!

  4. Turner couldn't have painted it better.

  5. Lovely. We do not ge those kinds of clouds in Cali

  6. looks like a painting; I second mitchell!

  7. what lovely clouds. I am about to take a meteorology course, so I will know what to call them.

  8. stuart, not to worry. When it comes to work, not pacing myself has seldom been a problem.

    andrew, lol!

    judy, we aim to please. :)

    mitch, Turner 85, Mitchell 23.

    gosia, thanK YOU!

    christine, I remember. The clouds came down and kissed the ground.

    anne marie, he is our official spokesmodel. ;)

    jim, thanks!

    michael, let me know when you find out.


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