Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tractor ho!

The tractors are out. They're plying the vineyard rows grinding pruned vine canes or spraying herbicide, or doing other things I don't know about. This one falls into that third category. I have no idea what the grower was doing. This vehicle straddles a row with each pass, but there was no spraying (I think this parcel is supposed to be organically grown), no grinding, and no trimming (too early for that) going on.

The grower had climbed down from the tractor and was nearby, on his phone, when I took this photo. There's a spraying attachment on the back of the tractor, but it was not deployed.

The rain, such as it is, has returned. We're very happy to have accomplished as much as we did while the days were warm and dry. There is still more to do (there always is), but we have no feelings of panic or lost opportunity. And that's nice.


  1. A busy time of year it up from winter and getting ready for summer.
    Wonder what the grower was doing?

  2. jim, busy for all of us! :)


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