Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kitchen Collection [4]

You can never have enough tart pans. Or maybe you can. The thing about having a variety of sizes and shapes at your disposal is that you can pick just the right one for the amount or type of fruit you have, or for how many people you want your quiche to serve, or for whether you want to make little individual tarts or one large one to cut up and share.

I know I'm cheating in this photo, since you can also see some white ceramic ramekins and two cake pans, not to mention the dog bone cookie-cutter. But mostly it's tart pans. A French tarte, or pie, is a one-crust deal with beautifully glazed fruit exposed on top. The best pans for those are the shallow, false-bottom pans pictured here.

And here's what you can do with one. I made this apple tart for New Year's Eve this year with the large round tart pan. Under the fruit is my home-made applesauce (apples from our tree) and some ground hazelnuts. The glaze is apricot.

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