Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kitchen Collection [6]

How many glass loaf pans does the well-equipped kitchen need ? Exactly four, and each one should be a slightly different size from the others. It makes things challenging, not the least of which are stacking and storing.

Many of my recipes (like zucchini bread) make 2 loaves, so two pans work very well. I don't know how we ended up with four, but we did. I like glass because I can see what's going on inside the pans while they're in the oven, like how brown the loaf is getting.

These pans also double as molds for terrines and pâtés. We do have more traditional molds for those things, but a good glass loaf pan fills the bill if you don't have specialized molds.

I'm planning on making a vegetable terrine in the coming week. It will be a three-color terrine with spinach, cauliflower, and carrot layers. There will likely be pictures, so stay tuned to see which pans get the job !


  1. How many do you need? Well, you might not need many because I bet you are not microwave oven users. But for someone who doesn't do much cooking but uses the microwave, like me, you need quite a few! ;)

  2. Claude, no, we use the microwave all the time. I make béchamel sauce in it, for example, and it's good for slow-cooked things like custards and timbales. Not to mention reheating -- we eat a lot of leftover soups and stews and other plats cuisinés.


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