Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Word Of The Week


You most often see this word as part of a specific phrase : à l'instar de (quelque chose). It always throws me off because I haven't yet incorporated its meaning into my daily life.

While the word/phrase looks and sounds like it should have something to do with technology or science (that's my bias), any student of latin (not moi) would most likely disagree. It means : as an example, in the manner of, almost equal to, or like.

The dictionaries tell me it's not really something you say in spoken French. You see this expression in written French and only hear it if someone is reading aloud or in newscasts (the newscaster is reading the news, after all).

Maybe writing this post will help me cement the meaning into my brain !


  1. Confirming that unless you are reading the news with a teleprompter ;) it's not something you would say. But it's nice in writing.
    Do you have words you never remember the meaning of?
    I do! I have to look up 'sheepish' everytime I see it!

  2. Claude, oh yes. Words I see/hear over and over again and I can never remember their meaning.


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