Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kitchen Collection [5]

This is the first and only food processor we've owned. We bought it back in 1987 - twenty years ago. We planned a party, and wanted to make a pâté de légumes (vegetable pâté). The only way to do it was with a food processor. We had resisted having one for many years, but we broke down and got one at Macy*s Union Square in San Francisco. We've never looked back.

The darned thing comes in very handy for many things. Among them, pie crust. There's just no better way to cut butter and flour together, in my humble opinion. It also shreds zucchini, makes purées, grates cheese, chops cranberries, and performs myriad other tasks.

We have, since, replaced the blade and bowl, but we still have the old parts for emergencies. Even in France, with our power transformer, the processor works like a champ. I wonder how much longer we'll have it ?

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  1. As long as kitchen utensils are OLD, they are OK. It's the recent stuff that won't hold out more than a couple of years!h


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