Thursday, January 18, 2007

Open Signs

I kind of lost track of the Open Series that I was doing, so I decided to put all the images together into a collage of sorts.

These pictures were all taken in Hudson, New York, back in October 2006. The main street of town is lined with art galleries and boutiques these days. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and people were strolling up and down, stopping into shops or just looking at window displays.

I noticed that many of the signs saying "we're open" were unusual, so I just started snapping.


  1. I hope I have a camera when I see a "We Never Close" sign. It'll be in your e-mail before you know it! And the Grand Slams are great. Another goal is to see the Australian Open in person. Wouldn't that be great...

  2. Eleanor, when you get that shot I'll be waiting ! Yes, I'd love to get to the Australian. I've been to the French Open several times ; it's the only Grand Slam I've been to.


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