Saturday, January 27, 2007

Still In Amboise

The château and its grounds at Amboise are perched on a bluff overlooking the town and the Loire itself. If you pay the entry fee to meander through the castle, you won't be disappointed.

The Loire river seen from the château. What looks like the other river bank is actually an island in the middle of the river.

The main royal logis building is open to wander, although it's pretty much empty. What furnishings there are are sparse; you have to use your imagination to conjure up visions of the royal court in residence. But that's not too hard to do.

One of countless gargoyles that adorn the château's ramparts.

Outside, the grounds and gardens are meticulously tended and on a warm calm day, you can spend time strolling and taking in the views.

The silhouette of the Chapelle St.-Hubert, a gothic jewel.

There's also the gothic chapel of St.-Hubert, built right into the wall above the town. The remains of Leonardo da Vinci are presumed to be entombed under the chapel's transept. Da Vinci spent his final years in Amboise (you can visit his home there) in the service of King François I.

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