Sunday, January 14, 2007

More Vouvray

The back of our gîte and the vines of the Château de Moncontour.

Our gîte was on the edge of the small village of Vouvray. To the north and west, vines heavy with chenin blanc grapes stretched up the hills. Below us were stone houses with gardens filled with autumn vegetables and flowers.

A fall garden with leeks and pumpkins.

We had our choice each day : walk among the vines or down into the village. Of course, we more often than not got into the car for a trip to a château or another town in the valley.

The vines of Vouvray.

Each of us had his camera, so there were many stops for that perfect photo. Sue takes prints, I was taking slides at the time, and Ken had already ventured into the realm of digital photography. We found out later that, while we often took pictures of the same thing, each of us saw it just a little bit differently.

Cosmos against a sunny stone wall.

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