Monday, January 15, 2007

Vouvray Again

The street that went from our gîte down into the village of Vouvray.

This will be the last of the Vouvray posts for now. After this we'll move on to something else in the Loire Valley. But still, Vouvray is nice, no ?

The bell tower of the the Vouvray church.

The center of town is down around the level of the river, but there is a part of the town that seems older, that crawls up the bank toward the highlands. It is here where the church sits, looking out over the valley. Its tower is taller than the riverbank it is built into, and can be seen from the vineyard out on the flat plateau above the Loire.

Le Château de Moncontour, on the heights above the Loire in Vouvray.

Also built on the the heights is the Château de Moncontour, a winery that produces all the varieties to be found in Vouvray. Among them are pétillant, moelleux, demi-sec, and sec. All made from chenin blanc, bien sûr.

Red leaves in Vouvray.


  1. Hi Walt. I recognized the other terms but not petillant, so I looked it up. A web-based wine glossary displayed it like this:
    P鴩llant (in case your browser behaves differently, that's either a Chinese or Japanese character right in the middle of a French wine -- how odd). Given Ken's recent posts on accents and browsers, I thought you'd find this amusing.

  2. No mention of my favorite spot in Vouvray:
    Chez Aubert

  3. Susan, I do see the asian characters. How bizarre !
    Cheryl, thanks for the link ! We still go there a couple times a year to stock up.


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