Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vouvray 2000

In October 2000, Ken and I and our friend Sue rented a gîte in Vouvray (click here for a picture of it). It was the first time that we would spend an extended vacation in the Loire Valley. Little did we know then that, three years later, we would end up living here, about 35 miles from Vouvray itself.

Sue and Ken pose in Vouvray.

We rented that gîte again in 2001 for another vacation. Since then, it's been sold and is now a private home. We go back to Vouvray often to buy wine - I love sparkling Vouvray - and drive by that place now and again.

Rooftops in Vouvray.

I've started looking back at some old slides for scanning and found these from that trip. I'll post more as I get them digitized.

A shutter in need of a lick of paint, Vouvray.


  1. When I read the title in Google Reader (I have fallen in love with RSS readers because they take you straight where there is something new to read) I was expecting to read about wine and see the picture of a glass or a bottle.
    When comes spring, I'll drive down and visit with you. Not at your place, but I am sure there is a little hotel or gîte where I can stay. I have never been in your area. At 62 it would be high time!h

  2. Claude, you will be most welcome !


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