Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Squash

Since our summer squash has started producing, we've gone back to the recipe file to find interesting ways to eat it. I am preserving a lot of it by blanching and freezing the sliced squash in quart-size zip-top bags.

Blanched summer squash disks before going into the freezer.

Otherwise, we've made zucchini fritters and little Indian-style zucchini meat(less) balls. Both were delicious, but I forgot to photograph the balls. They were small and deep-fried in our friteuse and served with a spicy curry cream sauce.

Zucchini fritters frying away.

Today is a holiday in France so we don't get our normal bread delivery. I'm going to make pizza crust and we'll have eggplant (from the garden) pizza for lunch.


  1. Those fritters look soooo good! I love zucchini and summer squash so much. My crop completely died this year, figures, now that it is stupid expensive at the market thanks to the recession. I love it grilled, and also my father's zucchini and eggs for breakfast. He takes requests when we visit, and that is always what I ask for!

  2. I second zucchini and eggs for breakfast- I don't know too many people who cook this so I was happy to hear about the dish from you, quinn.

    When I was younger I liked to put ketsup on them. Tomatoes would make a good side and perhaps potatoes and onions. All that food would be enough for dinner even.

  3. Zucchini and eggs? Do tell, Quinn and Evelyn! I've never heard of it, but I'll bet it's delicious.


  4. Eggplant Pizza...Zucchini and eggs...No wonder I'm always hungry when I visit Saint-Aignan. At least now I can go and cook. I stopped hoping that it would come down the screen, right on my plate.

  5. Wow Evelyn! I thought this was my dad's invention! So glad to hear that others eat it, I think it's just to die for! He slices the zucchini thinly and sautes in oil with onion. When the zucchini and onion are cooked, he beats up a bunch of eggs with a very generous amount of parmesan cheese and pours this mixture over the zucchini, then he stirs it around until the eggs are done. I make this as well though it's not nearly as good as dad's, and I often use potatoes as well.

  6. Zucchini and eggs sounds real good to me! Maybe if I add a few lardons (smokey bacon) in with the onions...


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