Saturday, August 02, 2008

Vineyard Views

Another set of photos from out in the vineyard in recent days. Summer days, that is!

A view of our little hamlet from out among the vines, looking northeast.

Walking in the vineyard is nearly always pleasant, no matter what season it is. Each season has its good points and a few bad points. For instance, in winter, the starkness of everything is strikingly beautiful seen in the glow of a low sun. But it can be cold and wet.

Transition between vines and grass.

In summer, the woods and vines are lush with green and the wildflowers abound. But it can be hot and sticky, and there are gnats and midges orbiting your head.

A freshly mowed patch between vineyards.

Fall and spring are great, as well, watching the transitions, the pruning or the harvesting.

Gathering clouds.

And the skies can be pretty dramatic, too. The best part is having the time to walk around and soak it all in.


  1. Beautiful Country. Thanks for the pictures.


  2. We live in wine country too. I never get tired of looking at the vines. I think its because I didn't grow up near them. Your pics paint a gorgeous landscape.

  3. You feel like floating in clouds country...

    Too bad about the ants'hills. Glad the disaster happened when they were away and safe.

  4. jd, thanks!

    judy, merci!

    rachael, I definitely enjoy wine country living! ;)

    claudia, even with all those clouds, there still manages to be some sun!


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