Saturday, February 14, 2009

Almond Pear Tartes

Ken brought a couple of pears home from the market the other day and suggested that I might make a tarte with them. Always a good idea!

Individual almond-pear tartes. Ken took the photo.

I remembered that we had some leftover pâte sablée that had I made around the holidays and frozen. While it thawed, Ken put together an amandine filling with butter, sugar, eggs, ground almonds, a bit of flour, and some kirsch. I sliced the pears while the shells were having a pre-bake. The filling went into the blind-baked shells, then the sliced pears went on top.

The tartes finished in the oven and I glazed them with apricot jam. What a yummy mid-week dessert. Twice.


  1. Please remember it is my favorite!

  2. Ooooooooooooooooh... how lovely! They sound delicious, and they look delicious.

    Hey! Happy Valentine's Day to you and Ken! I forgot to mention it on his blog. Does Callie get a special treat for Valentine's Day?


  3. Your tarts looks really tasty!! You sure do like to cook, and seem very very good at it :-)

    Happy Valentines Day!

  4. Nice job, Walt! I love the color.

  5. Hey, could you send one of those with Ken when he comes to North Carolina?


  6. Those look yummy! I love tarts, especially fruit tarts and egg tarts! ;)

  7. chm, we will!

    judy, thanks! No special valentines treats for Callie. But she does get treats every day. And her birthday's coming up in a week, so she'll likely get something then.

    anne, basically I like to eat, so it's more economical to do it oneself than the alternative.

    tom, thanks!

    bettyann, sorry, we ate them already!

    kyh, me too!


    pear and almond is one of the very finest combinations, i must say.


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