Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tree Down

Thankfully, this tree was not in our yard. It's out in the vineyard. Still, there is damage. Some vines look to have been crushed. But I'm not sure; they could be ok.

A pine tree blew over in the storm.

Still, it's just a few. I'm sure that there will be some insurance coverage for what it takes to clean up and re-plant the vines that were damaged. It's better that it happened out there in the vineyard than closer to the surrounding houses.

Callie checks it out.


  1. You might have already blogged about this - but are you guys looking after the vineyard? Or are you just living on the property?

  2. Callie, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!

  3. No, we don't take care of the vineyard. We just live on the edge of it. And it is kind of our own private garden, since there aren't ever many people out there.

  4. evol, what Ken said. Our property ends where the vineyard begins, so we get the visual benefits without all the work!

    mark, you can say that again!


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