Sunday, February 01, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

We ring in February with a new Periodic Puppy Pic, taken just a few days ago on the stairs.

Close enough?

Callie gets kind of bored in winter. It's too cold and wet for her to be outside much. Not that she would mind, but she doesn't want to go out by herself. She wants us to be outside with her, interacting, and we're just not into hanging out outdoors when it's cold and wet.

What we need is doggy internet. I read this once: On the internet, no one knows you're a dog.

She gets two good walks every day, so there's plenty of outside time and exercise. But, being a border collie, she naturally wants more. In summer, we're outside a lot more, and we keep the doors open, so she can go out and come back in at will.

That's why it was so nice on Friday to be out burning in the yard. She got to hang out with us outdoors and chase the occasional stick that we tossed around. Good dog.


  1. We are obviously watching the same program this afternoon! Don't you just love Anne Romanov? Martine

  2. And all of us need a good border collie in our lives to keep us in line and out of trouble!! What a cutie pie.

  3. Well, you could have taken a better photo of me, don't you think?

  4. Callie, there's no such thing as a bad photo of you, silly Pup!


  5. Callie is a doll. She makes me miss my Chloe.

  6. i found a frisbee the easiest way to exercise a young and lively dog when i sprained my knee. i could stand in one place and she could run until she dropped.
    and, p.s., boy is she cute.

  7. I'm just like Callie! I want winter to be over!
    Cute pic of he!

  8. martine, yeah, she can be pretty funny!

    lewis, oh, so true.

    callie, sit.

    bettyann, you tell her!

    mark, we still miss our Collette, but having Callie around makes it easier.

    pj, I've tried frisbee with Callie. She catches it, sits down, and chews it to bits.

    claude, me too!

  9. She looks so grown-up in that picture.

  10. fashion, she'll be two years old later this month!


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