Saturday, February 28, 2009

End Of February. End Of Winter ?

I bet you were expecting another food post, weren't you? I have to take a break and eat some leftovers. :)

We're having very nice weather right now. It's quite dry; it hasn't rained at all since before Ken left. We've had some mist, but no measurable precipitation. And the sun's been out.

One of many backyard crocuses.
They're spreading so we have more every year.

I haven't had a fire for the last four nights. It does get a bit chilly, but nothing I can't handle with a blanket in the evening while watching tv. I use the central heating each morning, but hey, it's still February. Not for long.

The primroses are starting to flower now.

March starts tomorrow. And with the recent sun and mild temperatures have come the spring flowers. The cyclamen have been up for a few weeks, but now the crocus are showing up, along with the primroses. And we have a few perce-neige (snowdrops) in bloom as well.

Perce-neige. Thankfully, we have no snow for them to poke through.

I know that it's not spring yet. I know that it may get colder before it gets warmer. I know we have the giboulées de mars (March squalls) to look forward too. But I'm encouraged by the longer days, the strengthening sun, and the birdsong I hear each morning. Spring arrives in three weeks. Vivement le printemps!


  1. Loooove the close-up of the snowdrops with the house in the background. Very artistic! Martine

  2. Me, too, I love that snowdrop photo especially :)
    We get a whole field of crocuses at the Missouri Botanical Garden every year... haven't been there for about a month, but it will be very encouraging to see them coming up, if they are! Then, it's the daffodils, and before you know it, it will be tulip time! My favorites!!


  3. That's what they are called! Perce Neige! I've only lived in France for two years..hmmnn.. actually that's a long time! I lived in Germany before that. They are called Schneegloeckcchen in German:)

  4. End of summer and beginning of Autumn here although Sydney really doesn't have much of an Autumn season.

  5. martine, thanks! Totally unintentional.

    judy, our daffs and tulips are up, but they're still a long way from blooms.

    marie, those German words are certainly long!

    victor, I was so jealous when we hit our winter and you guys were enjoying summer!


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