Sunday, February 08, 2009

Got That Haircut

Now I feel a bit more civilized. I like having my hair cut, but I don't like getting my hair cut. Does that make any sense?

Looking very studious in the study.
Compared to this.

And it's not that the whole thing has to be done in French. I never really liked it back in the states, either. The salon, the chit-chat, the constantly seeing myself in the mirror, etc.

But we have found a woman right here in town that is very nice, very low-key, and she does a great job. At least we both think so. As long as you don't go on Saturday. She's very busy on Saturdays and I think she goes too fast and the cut isn't as good as it normally is. So we avoid Saturdays. But, since we don't have day jobs, that's not a problem.

Some of our visiting friends know her, too, as we've referred them for haircuts. Her prices are very reasonable.

And for those of you who don't know, her name is Madame Barbier. That's Mrs. Barber, in French. I kid you not!


  1. That looks good. It really has stripped a few years off compared to the other pic.

  2. Oh much better! And you look younger too!
    And I'm the same, don't like 'getting' a haircut, but like 'having' a haircut.

  3. You look, and are, too young to have known les parapluies du Cher avec bourg! Of course there are repeats and even remakes.

  4. Looking good! I also like having laundry and dishes done and bills paid, but don't actually like DOING any of it, so I know what you mean. I, however, enjoy my hair being cut by another man...something quietly sensual about it.

  5. Sassy. Looking real sassy, there!

  6. I love your new banner (OK, I haven't visited for a while, maybe it isn't that new) and the pun on your photo of the week.

    Hope all is well with you. The hair looks good!

  7. chm

    Is it the version with Catherine Deneuve in 1964

    I like the music of the film . I saw it in the 70's when it was shown on TV

  8. You're looking quite dapper with your new haircut....but I liked it longer too.

    How much is reasonable for a haircut in France?

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  9. I usually fall asleep getting my hair cut - it is soothing for me.

    By the way, may I post you in my blog roll?

  10. Hi Cousine,
    Thank you for the links. Memories!

  11. muzbot, if only it were that easy...

    wayne, do you and Craig cut each others hair?

    chm, yes, repeats!

    sean, laundry, dishes, bills... those things can actually get done? ;)

    lewis, sassy? Hmmmmm.

    judy, merci!

    betty, thanks, it's pretty new, just a couple of weeks, I think.

    victoria, our haircuts cost 10 euros, about $13 right now.

    urspo, I don't think I could fall asleep. Too busy watching. And yes, I'd be happy to be in your blogroll! Thanks!

  12. Wow! Just who is that handsome professorial chap with the new haircut? Why it's Walt, our Walt. We hardly recognized you.

  13. Mme. Barbier did a wonderful job. Very handsome!


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