Thursday, February 05, 2009

Photo Du Jour : Cyclamen

A nice thing about fall around where we live (and I'm sure other places, too) is that in certain areas you will find whole patches of wild cyclamen in bloom. One such place is up at the château in St.-Aignan.

An indoor cyclamen.

We have these little cyclamen in our yard as well, but they don't flower in the fall. Ours are spring bloomers. So it's right about now that the cyclamen in our yard are starting to put up their purple blossoms.

Of course, we happen to have a couple of hot-house bought specimens indoors. These are much larger than the outdoor variety, and they seem to bloom through the winter. This is a current photo of one of them showing off it's glorious purple color.


  1. Chez nous, cyclamen are winter bloomers. I know that from folklore, not from personal experience.

    CHM, if you are following... just returned from your neck of the woods. Weather was awesome. Views spectacular!

  2. your new look blog :-)

    I noticed when I went to Italy that they had Cyclamen growing great.

    We are under snow at the moment, don't know how long it is going to last!!

  3. We notice the tidy new look....but miss the blog roll.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  4. cyclamen r sold around here at xmas time in pots......i love them but always manage to kill them.....what's ur secret for the indoor ones? I think they have to have the right light

  5. Hi Cheryl,
    They're predicting rain for tomorrow, and a drop in temperatures. A cold wave, so to speak. Temperatures will be in the upper 60's. Brrrrrrrrr! We had rain in December and the mountains were covered with snow.

  6. Re: Changes. You could move All Callie, All the Time closer to the top of the page, wouldn't bother me a bit. ;-)

    p.s. I'm very envious of your cyclamen, both indoors and out.

  7. cheryl, are they in pots, or out in the ground?

    anne, thanks! I'm certain your snow won't last too long.

    victoria, there are so many links, and so little space...

    melinda, ours are in bright light spots. Otherwise, I don't know why they thrive.

    chm, upper 60s? Dreamy...

    bettyann, I was debating taking that off, but I decided against it.


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