Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quiche Aux Oignons

Wednesday's lunch was an onion quiche. A relatively simple affair, and tasty, too. The first step, as always, was to blind-bake a standard pâte brisée. Mine is made with just flour and butter. When that was done, I moved on to the filling.

My onion quiche, ready to eat.

Since this was to be an onion quiche, owing to the bunch of onions down in the pantry that need to be used, I peeled and sliced about five medium onions and set them aside. Then I sautéed some lardons (French smokey bacon), drained them, then used the grease to sauté the onions very slowly. I covered them, adding a bit of dry rosé wine to keep them moist. I used rosé because that's what I had open, but a good dry white wine would be the normal thing.

Next up, I grated a bit of comté cheese. In the states, you could use any Swiss or a Monterey jack. You could also use a dry white cheddar, but I'd stay away from sharper cheddar because that might overpower the sweetness of the onions. Then it was on to the filling.

I lightly beat four eggs and added about a quarter cup of crème fraiche. I salted and peppered this before grating in a bit of nutmeg. I added the cooked onions and most of the grated cheese and mixed it well.

The sautéed lardons went into the bottom of the pre-baked shell, then I poured on the egg and onion mixture. The last of the grated cheese went on top and the whole thing went into the oven for about thirty-five minutes. It cooled on a rack for about ten minutes before I sliced into it.

I served it with a green salad dressed in our home-made vinaigrette, accompanied by a local Touraine vin de pays. And there are leftovers for later on.


  1. Looks great. Have you had to go to the grocery store yet?


  2. can you make me one that's less than 6 points and send it my way? :-)

  3. YES, please. As soon as possible.

  4. Goodness, all that effort just for a solitary lunch. I hope the results were a yummy as they looked!


  5. We had a fine dinner here in NC. Laurie fixed Peruvian chicken with roasted fennel, potatoes and green beans. Miam,, miam!

    Please forward some onion quiche- it looks so good.

  6. judy, went to the store on Wednesday because I wanted some lettuce. I spent just over 4 euros (eggs, tomatoes, and some sauerkraut for the freezer).

    sean, I'll work on it!

    leesa, I'm ready!

    lewis, it's on it's way.

    susan, yes, very tasty.

    evelyn, wow, that sounds great! Give my regards to Laurie!

  7. reading this thursday morning inspired me to make a quiche for dinner. i do this periodically but not very often. here is the product with a shout out to your blog:


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