Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Mornning View Of Our Château

Yes. Our château. Ok, not really, but we think of it as ours since it's right next door*. From this perspective you can see both the remnants of the medieval castle (left) and the renaissance wing (right).

Le château de St.-Aignan.

The building at street level with the green storefront is the St.-Aignan tourist office. Again, this photo is taken from the Place du 14 Juillet.

*It's not literally right next door. We're about 3 kilometers from town.


  1. I just checked your weather gage : 17 C (63 F) at 3.15 pm. Spring is here and I am so happy for you.
    Have you changed your clocks yet?

  2. Wow! You live in an amazing place. :)

  3. Um, OK... I thought that was your chateau and the place getting the new stairs is the country house.

  4. Is that "right next door", 3km in Loire parlance...?

  5. I just noticed that you posted the poem "Spring has sprung..."

    That is too funny. My grandmother(born 1895)used to recite that to me.

  6. Diogenes, do I read your nice comments on Joe Jervis blog?

  7. Looks like the trees are starting to bud. It shouldn't be too long until spring.

  8. Eek! chm, why yes you do read them on Joe Jervis' blog. I am so busted!

    C'est un petit monde.

  9. nadege, we change our clocks on the 28th, a week from now.

    writer, yes, we agree!

    diogenes, if only... And yes, my dad used to say that poem all the time.

    stephen, a country kilometer.

    starman, let's hope so! I'm ready.


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