Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photo Du Jour : A Trailer

This is a trailer that somebody uses to move firewood. I don't know who it belongs to. I mean, I do, but I don't know the guy. He has a bit of property on the edge of the vineyard where he stacks wood and old road signs and bits of old concrete. He hangs flags and plants stakes out in his woods. He may be the one responsible for the panties that Ken saw the other day.

Two logging trailers and a woodpile at the edge of the vineyard.

I think he's kind of an eccentric, but I don't know. This may be his playroom away from home. Who knows?


  1. Everyone needs a playroom..
    I have a 3 car garage with no cars.ademsh

  2. haha a lumberjack who wears purple panties

  3. If the panties were related to him, it's definitely his playroom :))

    I love the photo of the week!


  4. He's been too busy cutting wood to be playing in the woods.

  5. If this is his playroom, there's something kinda' creepy about it. Maybe you should tip off the police!

  6. leon, yes, but how many bikes?

    melinda, and he's o.k.

    judy, we will never know!

    starman, maybe!

  7. Oh dear, you live near trailer people?


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