Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The sparks fly

On Monday the work crew put in the stair to the attic. It only took one day and now it's "operational," as one of them said. Part of the process involved removing a section of the wrought iron railing on the landing.

I took the picture quickly through a dusty glass door. But you get the idea.

As they cut, sparks filled the room, along with a cloud of gray smoke. I grabbed the camera only to find that my memory card was not inside. By the time I retrieved the card and was ready to take a picture, the big sparks were over. But I did get this shot of a smaller spark shower. You'll have to use your imagination to envisage what it was like with about five times as many sparks.

Since the stair went in the crew has begun the finish work on the drywall: filling in gaps and cracks, taping and mudding, and other detail work. The next big job will be to install the finish floor.


  1. Thankgod nothing caught fire!

  2. Envisage = envision?
    I am truly impressed how fast the work is going and that those guys actually show up. It has to be a record.

  3. PS : We ate a rhubarb pie yesterday. It was too sweet but I got to think of you at work.

  4. Yeah, I also have to admit that I'm surprised that the French workers actually show up when they say they will. It's definitely not the norm from all the reports I've read about getting things done in France.

  5. I just hope no ghosts are disturbed in the process.

  6. evol, I thought of that, too.

    nadege, they didn't show up yesterday...

    alewis, you can say that again!

    starman, we've been lucky, but since they didn't show up yesterday...

    michael, so far, I've heard no complaints. :)


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