Monday, May 10, 2010

Tarte aux amandes et aux fraises

I made this pie on Sunday from a recipe sent to me by one of my readers. Thanks, Nadege! It's made with an almond filling and topped with fresh strawberries. And since local strawberries are in season right now, well, I couldn't resist trying it out.

What a treat!

The filling is made with almond flour (finely ground almonds), eggs, sugar, and almond and vanilla extracts. The recipe calls for a sweet crust, but I used my standard pâte brisée (pie crust). The filling was sweet enough to handle the regular crust just fine. I glazed the baked filling and the berries with a combination of Ken's home made cherry and quince jellies.

There is still some left if you hurry...



    Recipe, please!!! Or, I can ask Nadege, too...
    Looks like you are enjoying yourselves with your lovely cooking!

  2. Good job! It looks really good.

  3. Nadege, I love anything with almond. Would you mind sharing the recipe?

  4. Carolyn, I hope this link will take you to this fabulous tarte aux fraises.

  5. I'll be right over- save me a piece of that beautiful tarte! I would love a recipe- I see Nadage's link, but it wants me to download Adobe software, etc. Thanks, ya'll.

    RIP Lena...

  6. Yes please. A couple of them, please.

  7. Too bad , Concorde does fly anymore :-) otherwise I will be ringing the door bell

  8. The Willamette Valley is also a world class Strawberry growing region. Are we on the same latitude as your valley? We seem to have so much in common.
    Thanks for the recipes.

    Portland has many Farmers' Markets with beautiful fresh produce from small local producers.

  9. The almond filling would be like marzipan, wouldn't it?

  10. leesa, links are provided!

    nadege, it was good!

    carolyn, did the links work?

    evelyn, maybe Ken's link worked better?

    alewis, there are two left today...

    beaver, I know what you mean!

    stephen, we're about the same as Vancouver, I think. I've been to the Willamette Valley once in the '80s (seems like another lifetime ago).

    starman, very similar, yes.

  11. Walt, it looks gorgeous and I know it's beauty is more than skin deep. I took took the page for which Ken provided the link and saved it for later this summer when our raspberries begin to bear in their thousands. I also love almond everything, so recipe this is a great match for us!


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