Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ah, grasshopper

I noticed this little critter on the exterior of the living room door the other day. Just as I got the camera ready, Callie, who was out on the deck, pawed at the door to come in. She swiped the grasshopper away.

The deck tile looks like some kind of cheese this close up.

Fortunately, he was not harmed and I was able to take his picture on the deck tiles. It almost looks like he's smiling up at the camera. Well, maybe not smiling.


  1. This is off subject, but I thought
    of your new potato patch when I
    saw an article in the Daily Telegraph "What Potatoes to Grow"
    Sorry, I don't know how to link,
    but it's in the Lifestyle section
    subhead Gardening. Very well done
    test of 11 varities. I'm going to
    try container growing next Spring.

  2. Cute critter!

    Walt, we need you to continue your investigation of this car. Inquiring minds want to know what the heck he is up to! ;)


  3. It's probably thinking, "Stupid dog. Does she think she owns the place?"

  4. Doesn't look like grasshopper to me. Maybe another species I haven't seen before.

  5. leon, I like the eyes.

    sheila, thanks, I'll try to find it.

    bettyann, short of getting out and stopping it one morning, I'm not sure I'll ever find out!

    starman, yes, she does. ;)

    vtt, what do your grasshoppers look like?

  6. they're usually gray. Like this

  7. VTT is right. It is not, strictly speaking, a grasshopper. It's a bush cricket - a male Oak Bush Cricket Meconema thalassinum or le Méconème tambourinaire in French. The North American name is Drumming Katydid.

  8. susan, oh, thanks! The only cricket I can identify is Jiminy!

  9. Reminds me of something ... have a great summer!

  10. andy, hehehe, I remember it well. You and I may be the only ones. Alas. I also still have that Little Flusher cartoon.


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