Monday, July 19, 2010

A nice day for a snail festival

Sunday's weather was picture perfect. Sunny, pleasant, dry. After I dropped Ken off at the train station I stopped in town to pick up some bread and to walk through the festival grounds. The flea market had been going on since earlier in the morning. I got there around eleven-thirty.

The lazy Cher River glides past the center of town on a perfect summer day.

There were a lot of people, many of them still arriving, making the street and the parking lot a bit of a zoo. I lucked out and got a space just as someone was leaving. The flea market was moderately interesting, but I didn't see anything that shouted "buy me." I did a real quick walk-through. People were beginning to line up at the food booths for lunch, and I could hear somebody reading announcements through the loudspeakers.

One section of the flea market next to the river.

I walked down by the river. The festival is held behind our town's château in a large field used for sports. It's not much of a château; it's more like a large stone barn. The town uses it for events and there are rooms inside that they rent to larger groups. Between the château and the river is a campground that's pretty much full this time of year.

Another view of the river, looking downstream.

I walked along the river, through the campground, and up through the main intersection to the bakery for my bread. Then I did another quick run through some more of the flea market on the way back to my car to come home.


  1. You always manage to have such wonderful photos.

  2. The photos are wonderful. As usual, I read your blog immediately after reading Ken's. What a contrast! His blog about ugly violence and yours with pictures of a tranquil river and prose about a pleasant day out and about. All in St. Aignan!

  3. It was a perfect summer day, until night time...!
    (I am sure we would have loved to see you all covered in white dust).

  4. So true, Cheryl.

    Walt, I've put your top photo as my new desktop photo :)

    p.s. Watching the Tour, where Schleck's chain came off his bike JUST as he was pulling ahead of Contador on the climb.... grrrrrrrrr

  5. Is there much traffic on the river?

  6. Oh, it does look beautiful there.

  7. vtt, it's a pretty little river.

    rick, you are too kind.

    cheryl, well, I wrote mine the day before, before I heard the news.

    nadege, then it was a perfect summer night! You may get a dust photo yet. There's more sanding to do.

    judy, poor Andy!

    starman, only if you count ducks and swans as traffic. :)

    ken, nope. Didn't see anybody I know.

    victor, I think it is. Very lush in the height of summer.


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