Monday, January 03, 2011

And just in case you're not sick of oysters

Here's another photo from the fish monger's stand. These are oysters boxed up in quantities of thirty, fifty, or one hundred. I'm not sure if they're for sale or are filled orders waiting to be picked up. The sign advises customers to think about placing orders for the 2011 season, along with prices for various sizes and quantities.

Oysters boxed up and ready to go for New Year's eve 2010.

I'm not planning that far in advance.


  1. Walt = I still love oysters despite that bad one I had before visiting last year. I think we pay AUS$12 to 15 per doz here in Aus. How does that compare with US and Euro. We are on parity with US now.
    Sydney rock oysters great but Tasmanian ones are so obese and tasty.

  2. I guess they are quite the thing for the new year.

  3. It's a mystery to me why people eat these. Oysters are my Kryptonite. Bad things happen when I get near them...

  4. They must really expect to be busy if they want people to order a year in advance.

  5. Don't even mention oysters; they turn me emerald green.

  6. leon, it's about $5 US/dozen higher than the price we paid here.

    rick, it sure seems that way.

    cubby, they're fresh and good and taste of the sea. See?

    starman, yeah, I guess they get a break on the price. I haven't done the math.

    michael, not your best color, I'm sure. ;)


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