Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The gang's all here

On the day in June '96 when I walked around downtown Chicago with my camera, I stumbled upon a festival parade. I don't remember what it was commemorating, but it was colorful and joyfully noisy. I was along the river, I remember, trying to cross both the river and a street (Wacker Drive?) through the crowd.

Carmen, is that you?

I made it. And along the way I saw these people taking a break from the fun. Outfits like this make me think of Carmen Miranda. Or at least that one number she did in that one movie that made her an icon in a fruity hat.

This is the fourth in a brief series of photos that I took while visiting Chicago in June 1996. They're 35mm color slides that I've scanned and digitized.


  1. I like watching the movable bridges around Chicago, in particular the Michigan Avenue one - the first one I saw "in action" :-)

  2. How embarrassing and thank God I'm not on Skype with you. I'm wearing the exact same outfit right now. But not the hat! I mean, I don't want to look stupid or anything.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. As a native Chicagoan, I enjoyed your pictures. It's a great big city but I challenge anyone to walk down Michigan Avenue in the dead of winter without turning blue! The wind and the cold are worse than anything I've ever experienced...anywhere. But you can get a good strong drink at most any bar in Chicago.

  4. I totally thought it was a self portrait.......

  5. Evol Kween, it's not Walt unless it has a crust!

  6. beaver, they are cool!

    mark, of course not!

    gabby, I think one would need a good strong drink after doing that!

    evol, ahem. Red is so not my color.

    cheryl, are you saying I'm crusty? lol!

  7. Lol, I think Cheryl is saying that you're like a little pudding or pie?


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