Thursday, January 13, 2011

A couple of points

There are two similarly distinctive towers on Chicago's central waterfront. Each is a residential tower and each has the word "point" in its name: Harbor Point and Lake Point. The former is the newer, completed in 1972. It stands 168 meters tall with 54 floors.

Harbor Point (center) and Lake Point Tower (right) on Chicago's waterfront.

The latter (and in my opinion the more graceful of the two) was completed in 1968. Its 70 floors reach up to 197 meters. I read that it has the distinction of being one of the shortest buildings with so many floors. Lake Point Tower is also the only skyscraper that stands east of Lake Shore Drive.

I just noticed that most of my Chicago pictures are taken in "portrait" mode as opposed to "landscape" mode. That's a testament to the verticality of this city. Or at least to the way I saw the city in 1996.

This is the sixth in a brief series of photos that I took while visiting Chicago in June 1996. They're 35mm color slides that I've scanned and digitized.


  1. The problem with visiting most American cities (at least, the ones to which I've never been) is that for the same money, I can visit a fantastic European city and there are so many to which I've never been....yet.

  2. I like to daydream about what it would be like to own a condo in the sky with a breathtaking view of a big city. I suppose a condo like that would be in the $3+ million range. Just a tad out of my budget.

  3. Great shot!
    But I need my home closer to the ground. Unless my dogs can leave the condo, call for the elevator, leave the building, walk themselves, and then return.
    Your friend, m.

  4. Thanks again, Walt!


  5. starman, I had the same problem. Every time I took a major vacation, I would come to France (except for small vacations when I went camping in California).

    cubby, or more!

    mark, if you lived in one of those buildings you'd likely have someone to walk the dogs for you!

    bettyann, :)


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