Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sundays are hunt days

At least during the fall and winter. A week ago Sunday the guys held one of their battues (organized hunts). They come together at strategic spots with dogs and drive the game from one area of the woods and vineyards to another. This concentrates the scared critters so they can be shot by the guys waiting on the other side.

The hunters parked and positioned in the early morning fog. View from our house.

It hardly seems fair, but I'm told it's necessary once in a while to keep the fox or roe deer populations down. Normal individual hunting is usually about rabbits and pheasants and other small game. I don't think the individual hunters are allowed to take deer on their own.

This guy's got his folding chair as he waits for the prey. The fog cleared away.

Last weekend our vineyard* was the end point of the chase. About twelve cars barreled through and parked out there while Callie and I were on our morning walk. The hunters took up positions along the road and at various points in the vineyard. I asked one hunter I passed if they were going for fox or deer. Deer, he said. I could hear the dogs barking through the woods a couple of roads over.

Callie and I scooted home quickly. Don't want to be caught out there with hunting dogs, scared critters, and guys with guns.

It's all over pretty quickly and all the guys leave. Hunting season should be ending pretty soon, except for a couple more battues through February.

* I say "our vineyard" in the sense that it's behind our house. We don't own the vineyard.


  1. I don't blame you for not wanting to be out long, especially with the dog. Great photo with the fog.

  2. it seems if you dont want to be around guns, there's hardly any place you can go anymore in the US....our GOP gov here in Va just authorized the open carrying of guns in state parks.....care to go camping next to someone with a semi-automatic??

  3. When you speak of battues I think of that old movie called, La Règle du jeu- Rules of the Game.

    I think you would qualify as watchmen of the vineyards-Callie, too. Sometimes I think of your vineyard as mine;) I never get tired of seeing it.

  4. I wouldn't want to be around that either, WCS.

    Melinda, I'm with you. In AZ you can carry a concealed gun into a bar or restaurant. Crazy.

  5. Too bad. As you know, I have a thing for men whose families own vineyards. And see, you were almost my backup husband. Oh well, can you at least give me the name of the guy who does own the vineyard?
    Your former friend, m.
    Just kidding! I'll be back. m.

  6. Oh, if it was in my backyard it would be called "my vineyard" for certain! Lovely photos... I am crazy for Callie!


  7. As you said, the animals probably need to be kept in check, but I find it hard to imagine just sitting there waiting for the chased deer to arrive in front of one to shoot. Not very sporty.

    I'd go inside right away, too. I do not want to be part of any stray bullets! Too many more trips to France to enjoy!

  8. rick, the worse thing is when the regular hunters come back after lunch. Full. Drunk.

    melinda, pretty soon they'll be allowed on airplanes. Crazy.

    evelyn, I'm sure I've seen that, but I don't remember the details.

    diogenes, we're very careful on hunt days and we're happy when the season ends. Thankfully, it's short and the hunting is restricted to one day a week (plus holidays).

    mark, I knew you had an ulterior motive!

    genie, thanks!

    mary, there are only a few of these hunts a year; I guess they know what they're doing. They don't use bullets, though. Shotguns.

  9. I suppose, as you say, that it's necessary to keep the critter populations down, but the idea still makes me rather uncomfortable.

  10. VTW, I accidentally clicked on the picture of Callie and got just about ever picture of her you've ever taken.

  11. Hunting in yr back yard. yikes. you said they use shotguns, but are they using shot or slugs in them ? that might be something to ask . .

    ps. love Bertie in triple time on the garbage cans too.


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