Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walk this way, please

This is one of the chalk arrows left over from last weekend's randonnée pédestre (town hike). They're all over the ground in the vineyard. It takes a few rainstorms before they wash away. The arrows tell you which way to go when you get to an intersection. There are also big X's on the ground to indicate which way not to go.

Some guy goes all over town the day before a walk and draws these arrows on the route.

As I type this, Bertie is sitting on my desk between the keyboard and the monitor. He is watching my fingers very closely as they move over the keys. You should see him when I reach for the mouse.

Ken took the dog out for the morning walk and tossed Bertie in the house for some "warm time." The garage and utility room get a little chilly on cold mornings like this. Mr. Bert was also in the house during last evening's walk and got to spend some time by the fire.

Ooops. Now Callie's home. Camera time!


  1. Your cat is watching you closely, learning to type. It won't be long till Bertie has his own blog. After all, if a car can have a blog....

  2. What brought about the town hike?

  3. Shadow approves of Bertie's interest in the keyboard & mouse. He could also be Bertie's double! Tinka would like Bertie to know she watches TV. [she's the 1st cat we've owned to do so.] It was nice to meet you earlier today.

  4. As I opened your blog, Matisse (my cat) jumped up on the desk and walked determinately inbetween my monitor and keypad, too!

    I'm with Rick, please tell us more about this town hike. Is it an annual event? Did you attend?

    Just nosey! I must get it from Matisse!

  5. You can't fool a cat when it comes to a 'mouse'.

  6. Sorry not to have responded! The town sponsors 2 or 3 hikes every year. They're just for fun and to get town residents out doing something together.

    antoinette: Likewise!


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