Friday, January 28, 2011

Periodic Puppy Pics

While I don't enjoy the slippery slope in the winter woods, Callie loves it. There's lots to smell out there. When I walk her in the afternoon, she turns right out of the back gate and heads directly down to this path. It's become our afternoon pattern.

The path through the woods. Those trees blew over in the big storm last February.

When I walk her in the morning, she turns left out of the gate and we head out into the vineyards. She's got me trained well. Each walk is nice in it's own way (except for the slippery mud). The vineyard walk is longer and flatter so I can walk at a brisk pace. We mix it up in good weather by meandering through and around the various vineyard parcels.

The woods walk takes us down the hill and through a small residential section, then back up the hill on the paved road. That hill is rather steep and walking back up is a good workout for me. It reminds me a little of coming home from work in San Francisco and the big hill that I trudged up every evening.

Walking is good exercise and if it wasn't for the dog I'm not sure I'd be motivated to do it every day.


  1. See, kids do get you out and about. Even if your kids have four legs.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Dogs make good physical therapists for people, plus it's fun to watch them enjoy themselves on walks.

  3. My friend who walks with me every morning is a good motivator too. She won't let me scratch her behind the ears though.

  4. Yes, definitely a plus for having dogs and not cats for pets. My cat, Matisse, does jump on the back of my knees frequently, to entice me to play with him! But, getting outside for a walk in the vineyard sounds heavenly.

  5. This picture looks like you took yesterday's photo and Photoshopped Callie into it.

  6. Could you and your chainsaw harvest any of those dead trees?



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