Monday, January 31, 2011

Funky Feline Fotos

I promised you a picture of the cat on the desk. Here it is. Bert got very comfortable between the keyboard and the monitor. He likes being in the house when the dog's not here. But once Callie shows up, he's ready to head back down to the utility room and garage. Poor guy.

What? You want to type something? Go ahead.

I took a photo of Callie getting ready to pounce and it turned out very blurry. But what the heck, I'll post it for your enjoyment. Ready?

I spy something that begins with "c."

When Callie sees Bertie, she just goes into a zone. Her eyes dilate and she starts to drool. It's like she goes into a trance or something. It's very strange. I don't think they will ever figure out how to get along.


  1. Bertie looks so sleek & handsome.....i guess Callie thinks you've brought in a live toy for her to play don't think that if he were always there, that she'd get more used to him?? Perhaps it's the rarity of his appearances that makes it more enticing for her....

    haha, the word ver. is pothea (like they started with pothead but got distracted!)

  2. I don't know how the cat can just sit there, knowing she's being stalked. I'd get a restraining order if I was her.

  3. I second Melinda's comment, and throw in a good chuckle at Cubby's :))

    Great photos :)


  4. Callie is saying, "You are getting ssssleeeepy..."

  5. That is one pretty cat!

  6. That's right where our cat Stella (Casey the border collies best friend) loves to sit. I just work around her.

    I think it makes a difference that we adopted Stella when she was a little kitten. Casey took to her right away and Stella idolizes him.

    Victoria, Bellingham, WA

  7. I like Bertie, he's very stylish. (Callie's cute too!)

  8. melinda, he just sits there while she goes crazy. Eventually he moves, and Callie goes after anything that moves (border collie instinct) and that's the end of that.

    cubby, he's just cool that way.

    judy, :)

    chris, hahahaha!

    mark, not bad for a mouser.

    victoria, if we had the cat when Callie was a pup, things might be different.

    evol, hey! Good to hear from you. Yes, Mr. Bert is quite stylish.

  9. I'm curious. Do you each have your own computer?


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