Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New bedside lamps

For the guest room. A few months ago we found a good deal on a pair of bedside tables at Ikea. Since then we've been keeping our eyes open for a pair of lamps to complete the room. I wanted something slim and somewhat tall with a shade that wouldn't be in the way. Most of the lamps that attracted me were too expensive to consider, or if the price was ok, there was only one lamp left.

That's our previous dog Collette in the frame (photo taken in San Francisco by our friend Sue).

But we found these just before Christmas at our local Bricomarché. We both liked the look and the price was right. So we brought them home. The color of the lampshade in this picture is not quite right. I tried adjusting it with Photoshop, but I just couldn't get it to look like it should. The shade is actually brown, pretty much the same color as the lamp base, but the photo makes it look purple. It must be the energy-saving fluorescent bulb that's messing up the image.

I could probably adjust the settings on the camera to compensate for fluorescent light and re-take the photo, but I'm too lazy. You'll just have to use your imagination.


  1. I really like the purple !!

  2. I like the purple too. It's just a little punch of color. I would like to see it in brown though. Work on that!

  3. I was surprised that you had chosen this color! It looks good here on your blog with the blue, plus the table it's sitting on looks orangish so the colors are lively for an overcast day early in the year 2011...

    Love Collette's photo- good one Sue!

  4. I kind of like the purple - so I think I won't use my imagination. ;)

  5. No matter the color, I love it!

  6. Well done for braving IKEA! Was it horribly crowded, or did you manage to catch a quiet period. We've got to go and get some more Billy and a couple of Benbos.... our books seem to have reproduced frantically in the barn!
    WV is "Comer"... the state you are in on leaving Ikea!

  7. Purple or brown, it's a gorgeous lamp!


  8. Quite striking. I agree that the colors in the photo are both vivid and exciting. Using my imagination as suggested, I get something more simple and understated but still with a touch of whimsy and fun.

  9. jean, it does make a pretty picture, doesn't it?

    bl, zoiks? So THAT's how it's spelled.

    mark, I'll make it my highest priority.

    evelyn, :)

    ksam, if it were actually purple, I probably wouldn't have bought it. But now that you mention it... it's not bad!

    alewis, you're so easy to please!

    tim, if I recall, we had a very good experience with very few people. When it's crowded I really can't stand the place.

    bettyann, thanks!

    cubby, hehe.

    will, are you channeling Martha Stewart there? ;)

  10. The purple lamp did seem a bit out of character (only from my interpretation of you two from your blogs, of course) but I thought, well, purple has been a fashion statement this past fall and home dec follows fashion.
    I like the shade details but I think brown would be terrific.

  11. Love those cute lamps, but would love them even more if the shades really WERE purple. :-)

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  13. mary, the brown is good. I discovered when I was trying to adjust the color in Photoshop that I could make the shade just about any color I wanted. Except brown.

    starman, and there are 2 of them!

    mark, hehehe!


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