Thursday, January 27, 2011

The winter woods

It won't be long before the buds and leaves appear, so we'll have to enjoy every day of these bare, cold, and gray woods while we can. They are pretty. In a picture. No, really. I can't tell you how many times I've nearly fallen flat on my keister because of wet and slippery fallen leaves on mud. How I long for dry ground.

The woods north of our house, just across the vineyard.

But seriously, folks. January has been drier than either November or December. But less wet is still wet, right? At least it's not snow. We need about a week of clear sunny days to even begin to dry things up.

Hope springs eternal.


  1. Wet leaves? I'd like to be able to see the ground. At this rate it'll probably be June till we see a patch of grass.

  2. That photograph is stunning!!!
    You a world class photographer & I am so grateful to you for sharing your lives with your readers. I wish all 4 of you peace, prosperity & pretty pictires in 2011!

    Love you & Another American in France.

  3. Does Spring hope eternal?

  4. Beautiful photo, Walt!


  5. I've said it before, nothing turns me on like the dark, cold, barren winter woods!

  6. Beautiful photo of a barren patch of woods - sometimes being stark of leaves adds something gorgeous to the forest.

  7. I like the sharp contrast you've picked up with the white/brown/grey in the forest with the vivid green of the moss.

    Nature has so much to show us; we just need to spend a few minutes to identify it! You do a terrific job of showing us what we're missing. Thanks, Walt.

  8. As I sit here in my sub-filled room.....

  9. We may not have 'winter' here, but alas we miss spring. How intoxicating it is to have spring after a winter.

  10. rick, I know I don't have your sympathies! Hang in there. Spring is on the way!

    stephen, you're too sweet! You have obviously been self-medicating again...

    bill, I can't speak for Spring, but I do know the power of an apostrophe, to wit: hope spring's eternal.

    bettyann, thanks!

    alewis, you'd be in a frenzy here right now!

    alan, thanks so much!

    mary, even though I joke about it, the woods are beautiful in the winter, in all seasons, in fact. I spent so much time in California that this place reminds me a lot of growing up in Upstate New York.

    starman, did you drop a small fortune at the local Subway?

    michael, yes. Very.

  11. I'm still jealous that you have no snow. Its getting pretty ridiculous with the snow totals in the Northeast (in the US) this winter.


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