Friday, January 14, 2011

A break from Chicago

I know, those photos of tall buildings get kind of samey. So here's a shot of what our weather has been like lately. We seem to be out of the big chill and into more seasonable, if not warmer than seasonable, weather right now.

A recent sunrise seen from out in the vineyard.

It's a nice change and it makes us think that spring is on the way. We even went to a garden center yesterday to get seeds for early lettuce crops. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to plant some lettuce and escarole in March. We have fabric tunnels to protect the little plants from the cold. We shall see.

I'll be back with more Chicago pictures. There aren't that many more. I promise. :)


  1. Oh the thought of spring. Unfortunately it is frozen under 6 foot heaps of ice and snow upon my front yard.

  2. You've given us the first hope for spring. Thank you.

  3. I like your Chicago photos. I haven't been there often enough.

    As for Spring, I'm definitely feeling it now with longer days, but we are still in the deep freeze here.

  4. Every bit of increasing day length helps. Spring can't come soon enough.
    I'm jealous of you--you'll be setting out your garden about the time I'm starting seeds here.

  5. I think it's great the way you set up your camera to take those sunrise pictures without having to get out of bed that early.

  6. I am enjoying the Chicago photos.

  7. rick, I'm hopeful that we won't see any more snow this season.

    cubby, you are welcome.

    evelyn, Chicago is back today!

    carolyn, well, just the lettuces. We don't plant seriously until May.

    starman, you're on to me. Although, the sun doesn't rise until after 8:30 am.

    michael, good! They're baaaaaack!


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