Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ateliers du meuble

This building, which looked somewhat abandoned, is along the Claise River in Le Grand Pressigny. The sign means that a furniture making business was the most recent occupant. The building still looks to be in good shape, so maybe some other business will see fit to set up shop inside.

That sign has seen better days.

The economics of running a business like this out in the countryside are not particularly good. With the cities and big chain stores (like Ikea) offering mass-produced furniture at reasonable prices, a local artisan would have to build himself a specialty niche or find a dedicated clientele. That seems like a difficult thing to do outside of the larger population centers.


  1. Sometimes the remains of buildings are so beautiful. I do love IKEA and what they make possible (we're able to fill in what we currently need without going broke), but it's sad what gets left behind.

  2. I always hate to see Mom and Pop shops go under. m.

  3. Sad........I'm hoping there was a better outcome for these people than we know about, though I'm sure it is not so easy to relocate, especially now.

  4. That is a beautiful building. I imagine some sort of food business would be good there. A grocery, a wine seller/deli or a restaurant. Well, maybe not a restaurant with those small windows. Or maybe it's your avatar with you holding your wine glass that is making me think of food, food, FOOD. :)

  5. mitch, yes, Ikea is a good place for many things. Especially crowds!

    mark, it's sad when that happens. I have no idea what this business was like or when it closed up.

    kristi, it would be nice to think that the owners retired to the Côte d'Azur!

    writer, a food business would be nice. The town is very small, though, so I wonder if it would be viable.

    mcat, I think it's corrugated fiberglass... :)


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