Thursday, July 21, 2011

Periodic Puppy Pics

Again? So soon? Yup. While we were visiting our friends in Le Grand Pressigny last Friday, Callie was visiting her friend, too. Lulu, a standard poodle, lives in England, but spends her holidays in France with her humans. Callie and Lulu see each other a couple times a year now.

Callie and Lulu on the grounds of the Château du Grand Pressigny. Happy dogs!

We've noticed that Callie really likes other dogs' toys more than her own. It can be embarrassing because Callie will destroy a dog toy in no time. We have to be careful to warn people about that so that precious toys can be put out of harm's way. Callie was lucky on this day that Lulu had an old stuffed toy that Callie was welcome to rip to shreds. And she did.

After our lunch we went on a walk (you've been seeing photos from that walk for a few days now) and Callie enjoyed romping around. The dogs were on leashes at the château and in town, but when we got out to the fields they got to run off leash for a while. Such fun!


  1. Lulu looks just like our granddog Rosie who is a big time romper. So glad Callie and Lulu got to run around together and that Lulu provided a good chew for her guest;)

  2. I can never resist a post about dogs! Great shot of the two friends. Glad they are enjoying France together and even sharing their toys! Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  3. I wonder why it is that some dogs will be happy as clams playing around and with each other, and others can't abide each other... or their Bertie home buddy :) How IS the Callie/Bertie relationship going?


  4. I can't believe Lulu had a toy that wasn't ripped to shreds. Mickey is like Callie--destroys toys in seconds, especially if there's a squeaker. :)

  5. evelyn, they seem to have had a good time.

    veronique, good. I do lots of Callie posts. :)

    judy, Callie still wants to bite his head off.

    ginny, squeakers don't last five minutes with Callie. She has nylabones and ropes that last. And tennis balls.

    craig, :)

  6. I like dogs - maybe more than cats, well maybe. We have two cats. Did have two dogs but they fell off the perch. Oh yes, we that reminds me we did have a Cockateil.
    Were Callie and Lou Lou good friends?

  7. Georgie's a shredder too. I always bring an extra toy to the park in case he steals and refuses to give up someone else's. Then I can trick him into dropping it.


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