Saturday, July 09, 2011

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program

There are still more zoo pictures to come. But I wanted to show you what's going on in our garden at the moment. The squash plants are producing!

A round zucchini still on the vine. Never mind the weeds.

As you know, we have six squash plants this year. Two of them are round zucchini. Two are yellow sunburst. Both of those varieties are summer squash. Then we also have two potimarron plants, a winter squash.

Two round zukes, three yellow sunburst squash, and a cucumber, from our garden.

We are harvesting the summer squash now. We should be able to continue harvesting them right through to the end of August, if all goes well. The other plants are coming along well. The corn gets higher every day. We have green bell peppers, but will wait for them to turn red before picking them. The tomatoes are full of blossoms and many of them have fruit now.

We are in debt to our friends K & J for their gift of the summer squash plants. These are two varieties that we haven't had in our garden until now. We really like them, so they'll probably make a reappearance next year.


  1. Fantastic produce - well done. All that hard work paying off Farmer Walt!

  2. Looks so good, Walt! Your season is way ahead of ours.

  3. Wow, you're advanced! My zucchinis just got their first flowers.

  4. The veggies are beautiful. I kept looking for you guys but didn't see you.

  5. Squash are easy to grow, and look quite pretty.
    Good for squash!

  6. Walt,
    Love the zoo pics!!! My partner and I grew squash this year. We had a wonderful crop!! Love them fried.
    Daniel and James

  7. craig, it's nice when you get to eat the fruits of your labors.

    kristi, chris, yes, everything got a head start this year with the early spring.

    starman, I think Ken put a photo on his Sunday blog post.

    mike, yum!

    michael, and they taste good!

    d&j, thanks! What kind did you grow?

  8. Hi Walt,
    We planted crook neck and patty pans. We also had heirloom tomatoes. Daniel planted us a few different types of peppers, jalapeno, sweet banana, Tabasco, cayenne, and Habanero. He likes the HOT peppers!! Not me!!! I'll stick to the banana peppers. We also had okra.
    We have been very busy canning lately!
    All the best,

  9. Wish we could get round courgettes in the UK - love them stuffed with Puy lentils & goats cheese!

  10. YUMMY! I love squash. I'll be waiting for the different ways you two prepare those jewels!

  11. james, cool. We had a good year for hot peppers last year and canned them up, so we don't need to grow any for a couple of years!

    sharon, that sounds good!

    mary, we've already made a salad of cold steamed squash and vinaigrette, also a salad of diced raw squash with corn, dried tomatoes, and vinaigrette. Today we'll make a gratin of squash for lunch.


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