Sunday, July 31, 2011

Looking down

These are the back yards of some of the houses right below the royal residence at Amboise. As you can see, there is not much privacy considering the thousands of tourists that can peer into your garden and windows from on high.

The front sides of these buildings face the Loire River. Must be some pricey real estate. Click to spycamify.

And I wonder what it's like at night, when the castle and its ramparts are all lit up. Still, the houses look to be in very nice shape and the gardens well tended. In fact, just to the right of the buildings in this photo, another house was having renovation work done.

It must be interesting, to say the least, to live at the foot of one of France's most famous châteaux.


  1. House No 3 from the right looks as if it could do with a bit of TLC.

  2. Love the gardens, but I would hate to be so exposed. I suppose you get used to it.

  3. I see that those sky light windows like the ones you have in your loft are popular.

  4. Looks like a bit of roofing work may be in order. Especially if everyone is going to be staring down onto it.

  5. They should all be made into restaurants and auberges to house the tourists :)

  6. Oh I love a walled in garden Walt. I don't know why, maybe it's the womb effect. Whatever, the reason, I always felt secure in a walled garden. Safe from the outside world.

  7. Too public for me.
    Perhaps, though, evenings would be very private, because of the walls, for being so close to other neighbors, I mean.

  8. I wonder, on an annual basis, how many Orangina bottles are "accidentally" dropped into the yards by groups of visiting students.

  9. lesley, yes, I agree. :)

    mitch, I'm a privacy freak as far as my yard is concerned. I couldn't live there.

    evelyn, very popular!

    alewis, those roofs are in good shape!

    judy, there are plenty of those over to the left.

    ron, me too.

    mary, I'm with you.

    dean, good question! Although you'd have to have a pretty good arm... there's a street in between.


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