Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Le Tour part three: le crap

Like I said, while the caravane passes, the race sponsors throw little trinkets, samples, and junk to the people along the roads. We raked it in. In fact, we were in competition with some little kids for the junk, er, crap, er, souvenirs, that were thrown our way.

Tour de France snack party! This is a package of fried cheese snacks.

So you don't think we were taking candy from the mouths of babes, I did toss some of what we got toward the kids. Just some. These events tend to make one competitive. Even against little French kids.

A French guy with a noise maker in his pocket. We got one, too. You shake it and it makes noise. Shake your booty.

We gave most of our crap to our friend H. since we were at her house. Just tribute. And she can take it back to her school for educational purposes. Right? I learned a new word when a knotted cloth came our way. It looked like a scarf, but H. said it was a do-rag. Look it up.

Our friend H. with her orange do-rag and several hats on top. Don't tell her I posted this. She'll hate me. That's our gendarme in the back.

It's amazing how otherwise sane adults (yes, I count myself among them) can turn into raving maniacs (I count myself among them, too) when free stuff is being thrown at them. I came away with a key chain that somehow made its way into my pocket. I don't know how that happened.

My key chain. Cofidis is one of the teams in the race. Ken pointed out that the round thing is a token for your supermarket caddy, which is why it's on a detachable hook. Very handy!

But it's my crap now.


  1. Even the word, Gendarme, makes me weak in the knees. Good thing I was sitting when I saw that officer in the background. I like how you pretended that you were photographing H.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. We all have a competitive nature sometimes don't we???
    Nice key ring though.
    How many little children did you mame to get it?

  3. I lusted after your own personal gendarme when Ken posted him before. I think it's the jack boots with blue pants tucked in that does it for me.
    You're right about the crap - but the cart token is useful!

  4. Your post today really made me smile--just what I needed before going to battle France telecom for taking some other person's prélevement off our account.
    Useful gizmos those tokens...ours lives in the car. Enjoy your "crap"

  5. I can't believe you've never before heard of a "do-rag". It got that name because black people wear them to straighten their hair (their "do"). The keychain is really nice, but I have so many now that I don't use.

  6. BTW - it rained most of the morning here, but stopped by the time I got up.

  7. ever been to mardi gras??

  8. Hilarious :)

    I like the key chain, too.

    Starman, thanks for that ever-so-straight-to-the-point explanation of a do-rag for Walt :)


  9. Tour de France is showing here at night on cable for several hours at a time. I was surprised to find that.

    And do-rags have crossed over all ethnic and cultural barriers now. They are "de riguer" for the younger guys (of all races) that work out at my health club (and even for some girls).

  10. A-HA! So, maybe I need a do-rag for under my bicycle helmut. When I've completed my ride, my bangs are plastered down on my forehead. It sounds like a do-rag would keep them dry?

    What would you use the token for on a supermarket caddy? Do identify your own cart, perhaps?

  11. Made me laugh.

    Wish we'd had one of those tokens on our last trip. We were always scrambling for a Euro coin at the Monoprix.

    What does prélevement mean?

  12. Chrissoup

    Three years ago when we were in Burgundy we had the same problem. So one day we went to the customer service counter of Carrefour to ask for change and the clerk gave us 2 plastic coins for free. Afterwards, we used the same MO for Leclerc and Intermarché. I kept them in my FX change purse and they came in handy when we were in Touraine last May.

    Prélèvement: automatic bank withdrawal.

  13. Glad you finally learned what a do-rag is. Love your new keychain, especially the detachable hook thingie for your market cards. Nice design.


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