Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A local retirement home

The castle at Châteauvieux in the Cher Valley is about five miles from our house. Built on the foundations of an old feudal manor, the renaissance style castle is now a privately owned retirement home. The adjacent chapel dates from the thirteenth century.

The castle at Châteauvieux, now a retirement home, and its chapel (on the right).

The village at the base of the castle is pretty small with a population of about five hundred fifty. That's about half what the population was in the mid nineteenth century when the castle was rebuilt. I'd wager that the village's principal activity is agriculture, mostly grape growing. The village's web site lists six growers. There's also a poultry farm in Châteauvieux.

Ken, J, and C, pondering the grave of one of the prominent former owners of the castle.

This was one of the drive-by visits we did with our friends J and C last week. We did stop for some photos and to look at the weathered headstones in the chapel's graveyard.

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  1. Hmmmm - Oh sorry - just contemplating future retirement Walt.
    Looks like a nice address!!!!


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