Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A small stairwell

The tower in this picture encloses the main stairway inside the Château de Saint-Aignan. I've never been inside to see it, of course, but I can tell the stairs are in there. If you look closely you can trace the line of the stair winding up the outside wall.

The stair tower at the château de St.-Aignan.

We're between house guests this morning. Later this afternoon we'll be welcoming Mike and his dog Munson from El Loco & El Lobo for an overnight visit. They're on their way up north to Scandinavia and the U.K. for the month of August. This will be our first meeting, but we've been reading each other's blogs for quite a while.

Callie should have a good time with Munson, a rather large Alaskan Malamute.


  1. So dry here in Texas that the
    last time our grass was cut was
    in August of 2010.
    Hope you'll give us some shots
    of Callie and Munro.

  2. Lovely shot of the tower. Munson's a handsome chap, hope they get on well together.

  3. Wow, I don't think I noticed the detail in that ironwork along the gate was I was at the chateau. It's quite something.

    Enjoy the next guests. You guys are so generous, opening your home to all of us. We are grateful (and we love the blogs, too).


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